What You Can Hire Rikki For:

Rikki has been traveling the country for the last few years mainly talking about deaf and mental health awareness, but she is also able to talk about body image, disability (chronic pain and fatigue), accessibility, and child abuse.

From Mainstream To In-between | University of Greensboro

At the University of Greensboro, Rikki talks about her life growing up with hearing loss. She talks about when she was first diagnosed with hearing loss, finding other deaf people and language, and using her platform to raise awareness about being in the middle.

Discovering Myself As A Deaf Person And Becoming An Activist | University of Iowa

At the University of Iowa, Rikki talks about her life growing up as a deaf person who would eventually use a platform to advocate for people like herself and for accessibility on the Internet.

Lights, Camera, Caption! - VidCon 2015 Deaf Workshop

Rikki starts off her first ever VidCon visit with the first workshop run by a deaf creator. At this engagement, Rikki teaches people the importance of captions and the easiest way to make them.