Rikki Poynter on YouTube

Rikki began her YouTube career in July 2010. She started out as a makeup guru for several years before switching to education and lifestyle content in late 2014. Since then, she has talked about being deaf and other various disabilities, accessibility, mental health, child abuse, body image, and more.

Rikki is best known for her video, “Shit Hearing People Say,” and her work toward obtaining proper accessibility via closed captioning on YouTube.

Shit Hearing People Say

Shit Hearing People Say is Rikki’s most popular video, obtaining over 531,000 views since its publication date of November 5, 2014.

How Do Deaf And Blind People Communicate?

In this collaboration with blind YouTuber, Molly Burke, the communication methods between blind and deaf people are discussed.

What I Can And Can’t Hear

Rikki discusses her own hearing loss, and what she can and cannot hear [well].