What Can I Talk About?

As a public speaker, I am available to talk about these topics:

- Identity (Growing up as a mainstreamed child, teenager, young adult, and then finding Deaf culture)

- Deaf Awareness (Anything from talking about the science of it, to ableism/audism, police brutality, etc.)

- Closed Captioning Awareness

- Child abuse (I was abused as a child and experienced emotional, physical, and verbal abuse for over twenty years.)

- Mental health (I have been living with depression since my teenage years.)

I am really available for talking about various topics. My YouTube channel and posts have never been just about deafness.


Lights, Camera, Caption! - VidCon 2015 Deaf Workshop

This is the debut of my Lights, Camera, Caption! workshop which took place at VidCon in July 2015.

In this workshop, I talked about what captioning is, why it's important, how to do it, and how to get people involved in captioning.


Deaf Awareness Talk At Lycoming College| Rikki Poynter

This is a talk that I gave at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

In this talk, I talked about my life growing up as a mainstreamed deaf child as well as things like closed captioning awareness, police brutality awareness, #DEAFTALENT awareness, and more.


VidCon 2016: Lights, Camera, Caption! Closed Captioning Workshop

The Lights, Camera, Caption! workshop happened at VidCon 2016 for a second year in a row. While it is very similar to the workshop in 2015, new ways to caption were added so I talked about those. I also included another lip reading challenge.


From Mainstream To In-between | A Talk At University Of North Carolina Greensboro | ASL
In this video, I talk about my life growing up as a mainstreamed deaf child who found the deaf community in my adult years.


Discovering Myself As A Deaf Person And Becoming An Activist | University of Iowa
At the university of Iowa, I talked about my life growing up without any involvement in deaf people other than myself and deaf community only to later become an activist for myself and others.