No, Logan Paul, You Can't Film Dead Bodies For YouTube

[Image Description: A photo of Logan Paul, a white male with shaggy blonde hair.]

[Image Description: A photo of Logan Paul, a white male with shaggy blonde hair.]

If you don’t know who Logan Paul is, you might want to consider yourself lucky. In fact, I won’t be [too] offended if you click off this post so you can continue to not know who he is. The thing is, though, it might be important for you to know who he (and his brother, to be honest) is so you can avoid him and people like him.

Logan (and Jake) Paul has been under fire for the past year for doing completely outlandish things. Logan has done reckless stunts at VidCon, risking the safety of himself and others, and Jake has been ridiculed for being disruptive and potentially harmful to his neighbours.

As I type this, Logan is under fire because he filmed a dead hanging body from a tree at Aokigahara, also known as the Japanese Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees. He did not only film the body, oh no. He also posted the video on his vlogging channel, earning millions of views and over 500,000-600,000 likes.

Oh, Logan. What are you doing?

There is no moment in time when it is appropriate to film someone’s dead body and to upload it on YouTube. It is disrespectful to the victim, his friends and family, and to Japan as a whole. Aokigahara is a very sacred place and to do something like this is so incredibly rude. And, in case you missed it, Logan made the image of the body part of the thumbnail before he switched it out.

Now, it seems that Logan deleted the video. Good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really solve the problem. In fact, considering his track record, how is one to know the apology is genuine? The fact that he thought this was a good idea in the first place is huge. Logan may be young, but he’s not so young. He has the brains to understand that you don’t do something like this. This isn’t a small mistake that you can so easily make. And although the original video is gone, there was at least one person who downloaded the video and now reuploads are going up.

Another problem is that YouTube let the video go up. In fact, it was #10 on the Trending page. YouTube has been losing its credibility in the past year and situations like this don’t help the platform. Unfortunately, it seems like YouTube will continue to let Logan get away with this kind of stuff because he’s one of the biggest YouTubers and he helps the company earn a lot of money. Not everyone can be Disney who was more than happy to drop his brother in a heartbeat after a lawsuit was being talked about for being disturbing.

Do yourselves a favour and pay attention to what content you’re watching on YouTube. Pay attention to who YouTube themselves is paying attention too. Creators who do videos on education, LGBT, disability, sex education, etc. are getting flagged left and right yet content from people like Logan Paul stays up without any issues.

And don’t let stuff like this slide. Talk about it. Write about it. This isn’t a silly prank video. This is a serious case of disrespect that needs to be called out and spoken about.