Celebrities Owe You Nothing

   [Image Description: Finn Wolfhard smiling for the camera at the red carpet.]


[Image Description: Finn Wolfhard smiling for the camera at the red carpet.]

Let’s imagine this scenario:

You watch this new hit show that becomes your favourite which might result in some of the actors being your new favourites. You find out that they’ll be in your area for some event and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to see them in person! Maybe you’ll get the chance to somehow just happen to run into them and you’ll get the courage (or not) to ask them for a photo and autograph. All of which are fine since it’s human nature.

Instead, you do something different. When you see that no public appearances are announced, you decide to find out what hotel they’re staying in. This isn’t something disclosed to the public, so you have to do some invasive research. You finally find out where they’re staying! Hurray! Now your next decision is to stand outside of their hotel, wait for them to come “home”, and then shout out their name and ask for a photo, all while filming it.

The response that you receive isn’t what you expected. They do say hello, but they deny your request to take a photo and then walk inside. Naturally, you’re a bit bummed out because you were excited for this moment.

What then happens is you post the video online and then either you or someone else who found it post it on Twitter and then attempt to trash this person because they didn’t do what you asked after you were the one who violated their privacy.

There’s only one person wrong in this situation and that is you, my friend.

In this case, this is a situation that was happening to Finn Wolfhard and caused by two young adult men, although I am not sure who posted the video and made the comment that I had mentioned. In case you are unaware, Finn Wolf is a 14-year-old boy who plays Mike Wheeler in the popular Netflix original, Stranger Things. He has gotten a lot of attention in the last year and few months.

The fact that he is 14 makes this situation more creepy because he is a child. That’s not to say that if this happened to an adult, which it does, that it’s more “right”. It isn’t. However, children are much more vulnerable. You are an adult going after a minor which looks anything but positive.

Celebrities and other public figures owe you very little. To this, you might respond with, “But the reason they’re famous is because of us.” I’ve seen that argument against Finn. We don’t make anyone famous, or we’re not the number one cause of their popularity, really. The people themselves are the bulk of that. If they didn’t have the talent in the first place, then would we have ever paid attention to them to begin with?

But the fact of the matter is when people like Finn Wolfhard are trying to go on with their private lives, they’re allowed to stick with that. They’re tired, stressed out, hungry, and wanting to rest. The last thing they want to deal with is a swarm of people coming up to them with requests and demands in a place they’re weren’t supposed to be in in the first place.

If this happened at a public event such as an official meet-and-greet, that would be one thing. That’s what they’re for and if someone didn’t want to take a photo while hosting this, I would be a little upset too. But if I’m stalking them by waiting at their private hotel? Getting upset over that would be bad on my part.

It’s important to realize and remember that public figures are also human, not robots. They are just as entitled to some privacy as the rest of us.

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